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Gray Space on desktop canvas view

New to Webflow and not an experienced web designer so please be patient. There is a gray space on the left side of my page, showing the canvas. This is in desktop view. I know to expect the gray space in the smaller views. I tried to change the breakpoint to 100% and it won’t allow me to change it from its current setting of 94.1%. The breakpoint is set at 992 px. Thanks!

I’ve attached a screen shot. It also shows a second problem where there is space between the hero and the section just below it. Why is that?

Thanks for your help!!

Screen Shot for Forum|690x360

Hi @Becca

welcome to webflow!
Let us see what you have done so far.
Please provide a read-only link of your project:


I don’t have a grey space. Is it in preview mode too?

And in “container 19” you set “margin top” to “16”. This causes the gap.

It is showing up in my preview mode.!

Even if your project is published?

No. it’s not there when it’s published. Even if you notice the nav bar items are pushed to the left in the designer, but even in the preview mode the nav bar looks correct. Not sure if that’s related.

Sorry about the exclamation mark in my earlier reply. That wasn’t intended. Just normal inflection. :slight_smile:

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