Weird spacing Issue doesn't show on Preview but does live

There is a weird spacing issue that just cropped on recently on my site even though the site hasn’t been touched in months. To make things even stranger, the layout looks find in the Webflow Preview but is off on the live site in both Chrom and Safari browsers on a Macbook Pro running the latest OS.

See screenshot. Left is Webflow preview mode, right is live site in Chrome. The Left is the correct layout and how the site looked until just recently with no new code changes made.

Hi @GoldenRatio

Thanks for posting about this — this is definitely odd.

It looks like the tag line is stuck in the initial state and not animating as it should with the page load interaction. Can you please try to unpublish then republish the site and let me know if this helps?

​Thanks in advance!


That did it, thanks Brando! Now I know.


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