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Preview looks different from Publish

I don’t know if this is a webflow bug, or an error on my part. I have a grid that overlays the design ensuring everything is aligned. One moment everything was working just fine (both in the designer preview and after publishing) and then all of a sudden things are no longer aligned after publishing, but still aligned in preview. Any thoughts?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the live site:

One thing I just noticed is when viewing the live site in Chrome, and developer tools are on, everything looks perfect. When I turn off developer mode, things go back to being misaligned.

looks good on chrome & safari for me?

I might be missing the point though - can you post a screenshot?

Everything looks good in preview…

But then I publish and everything is slightly off to the left…

Then I turn on the developer console in chrome and everything is aligned again…

Cheers greg - I’m with you now.

Trying to wrap by head round it.

I think you need to create 3 columns in the top grid and set them all to an equal fr.

Then set ‘Feature Tab’ to width 100%

let me know if this doesnt work.


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On the bottom do the same and then drag the cell to span both columns.

I think the issue arises from 1.1fr + 1vw not always being equal to 2.24fr.

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