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Weird Issue with One Vimeo Video

My site was working perfectly. But if you scroll down to the work section and click on the first video to open it (looks like a book inside of an iPad). The vimeo video thumbnail preview (keyframe) is blurry. It did not used to be this way and this bug appeared without a code change on my end. I have uploaded the video again to correct and the error happens again. I have tried selecting different keyframes and the issue happens again. Oddly I have 2 other vimeo videos using the exact same css and they do not have the issue.

Thanks in advance.

just fyi - you have to visit

going to the webflow url displays an access denied message.

I could only find 1 video on the website… the thumbnail you mentioned is “blurry”

  • but no other video to compare it to,though.

Thanks. If you click on the arrows above the video I showed in the wood background section it will take you to different clients…some of those have video under them as well that is also clear.


Look at this. I don’t know why but your embed code is actually linking to a very very small poster image for the video.


the image itself is here, very small, couldn’t be sharp on a big format. You should delete this code and re integrate your video from scratch.

Thanks vincent

I made the change with the exact same result. Something very weird is going on. I deleted the video. Put a new one in…and then added the url. Same result.