Problem with Vimeo video

I am having an issue where the vimeo link is taking up the full length of the screen when I preview or publish even though I gave it height and width. I don’t have any interactions on it. It is quite confusing. I’m thinking it may be a bug, but I am more confident in Webflow than in my design skills. @Waldo has helped me in the past. I could switch it to a lightbox, but I want the link on the page. I checked on the vimeo side of things and I couldn’t find any settings that needed changed. Here are some pics of the issue.

Here is my public share link:
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I’m not sure you can put a bg video widget inside another bg video widget. Try to overlay the video differently maybe.

Thanks for the response Vincent.

It isn’t a bg video widget. It’s a standard one. They use the same icon. Can I not do a video widget on top of a bg video?

Also, the same problem occurs on my tablet/mobile versions where I do not have a bg video.

There is no bg video on mobile. This is not Webflow, this is apple, google etc. Autoplay and bg videos don’t exist on mobile, or exist in very specific conditions.

Well it seems it bugs. I would overlay the video player without put it inside, just to try.

I meant that I have the problem with this vimeo link taking over the whole hero on my tablet/mobile even though there is no background video there.

I will try it without the video. I can obviously do a lightbox, but I would rather have it out in front of people.

I found the answer in a previous answer from @vincent. Thanks so much for your help. Build a div. Resize the div. Insert video widget.

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