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Vimeo video blury on load (Mobile)


For some reason when I load a Vimeo video on my mobile site the first load is blurry with no controls.

It works fine on one page (work page).

And doesn’t work on the home page (click “check out show-reel” to see).

Here is a link to the site:

Any help would be amazing!


I could not replicate that. Tested on a couple of mobile devices. I suspect you may have been experiencing issues related to network congestion. When you are having an issue with Vimeo, try using the same device and accessing the same content on to isolate. Nice work btw.

Thanks for taking a look.

I forgot to mention that this occurs on iPhone while using safari.

I’ve tried it on multiple devices and it’s definitely not a connection issue.

Any ideas on what else it could be?


Did you test on a device by going straight to vimeo?


Yep it works fine on Vimeo.

It’s not a problem with Vimeo as the same video is used two times across the site. It works fine on one page and is blurry on the other page.

They are embedded the same. Both using the video section on webflow.

The only difference is that one is triggered to appear on click (the one that’s not working) while the other is constantly there.


How are you triggering the load?

Preformatted textThe load is triggered when the user clicks the “watch showreel” button on the homepage header.

Then the video is changed from hide to show.

The green background also fades up while this happens.

I think it has Something to do with the hide/show but not sure why.