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Weird Bugs Safari & Chrome

Hey Guys ~ looking forward to finding a solution for this:

I have a logo which fades out while scrolling and section 2 comes in.
Bug Safari ~ the 2nd section cuts into the transition,
Bug Chrome - the logo in fixed position scrolls up with the page and no transition is seen.

ANy help fixing this issue is hugely appreciated : )

This is what i see. (Video) It looks like the logo gets covered by elements before it actually fades. Check your shadow/bg colors on mobile landscape and above for the divs containing the word “fact”. Another solution: Can you give it a little longer of a “ramp”? A little more distance to scroll before fading out whilr still providing interactivity?

My iphone 6 is 375 x 667 px for reference,Also.
Something is less than 375 before I scroll up, and gets wider (than 375… closer to 400px) or moves to the right after i scroll.

Possibly related… In the lower corner i usually see a webflow icon or nothing, but your site has a fixed element there. Thought the extra device testing would help.

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Thank you x10 for that. Yes, there were plenty of little things happening that needed to be fixed. I’ve reprogrammed a lot of that site, which is living here now :

Again, respect to you for the help and feedback ~

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