Little Crisis, Hoping for Good

hi everybody

running webflow in safari.

I have a little crisis here, my homepage works well in the designer, however, when testing in the browser, interactions fail to work. only when I scroll down and back up, they start to work.

I’m encountering these glitches sometimes, that the designer preview occasionally fails to show interactions, and I’m not sure if it’s something to be fixed in my interactions, or just a bug in the designer.

you can see a preview here, but you have to scroll down and back up to see what I’m trying to achieve.
the strange thing is that it already worked, and then stopped working…

any magic would be greatly appreciated at this point :smile:

Thank You


When I visit the site with Safari I see interactions on the text in the hero section. I don’t se any interaction when scrolling down and back up though. Have tried to empty the cache in the browser? Helps sometimes :smile:

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the only interactions I see is a changing background… image and color.

nothing against your design…

but omg that’s a depressing website and video.

yet at the same - strangely interesting.

I read the site word for word…

and watched the video from end to end.

where’s my gun.

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Thank You @jorn & @Revolution

I tried updating everything, seems to work on my end, background color changing when scrolling.
in the next days I’ll take care of the responsive version, right now should work well on desktop.

please tell me if things work well, or if you notice any glitches on your desktop computer.

Thanks for reaching out


there’s just a small little glitch (not sure if it’s intentional)

when transitions from the color screen to the b/w screen.

The white Intro to Respective title is a little hard to see on a b/w.

Same with the Plus - view films.

Maybe a little shadow needed there.

Everything else seems to be ok.

Well - the Theories of Forgetting video got interesting @ 1:11.

What an odd film. kinda of a psychedelic version of (the) matrix mixed with a boston poet thing going on.

i went to MIT… I use to hear people in coffee shops talking like this all the time.

I love you. take the blue pill.

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