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Weird rendering bug in Chrome iOS

Hey guys,

I’m experiencing some weird behavior on one of my pages. My client made a video showing what’s happening (starts at 1:10)

The problem is on the main page, here’s the public link:

This seems to only appear on iOS Chrome. It’s fine on Android Chrome and it’s fine on iOS Safari and apparently in every other browser too.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

Thank you!

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My Webflow sites do this too with Chrome iOS. I never noticed.

It’s honestly only a bit disturbing when you scroll down very very slowly. Most of the time with a normal scroll it’s unnoticeable.

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Yeah I just started noticing it too, it happes to every website where an element’s height is set in %. When the URL bar disappears it changes the stage height and the element adopts, so everything below it will get repositioned. Interestingly enough Safari for iOS has the same functionality but somehow they managed to do it in a way that doesn’t affect the page.

I guess it’s something we’ll have to live with for now.

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