Ran into this again

created a rollover transition.

roll over a logo (at 50% opacity) and it grows in scale a small amount and becomes 100% opacity.
similar effect on a nested copy element (0% - 100%).

really happy with effect. until I scrolled down page and saw it
effecting other type in my footer, where no effects exist.

view this page in safari: http://scottbarbey709560115024059.webflow.io/scott-barbey-clients

go to bottom row of logos and when you roll over the UNIQLO LOGO (with effect) you will see the BUG in the footer text. would be awesome if this bug got addressed.


here’s my read-only…


interesting issue.

“odd effect” seems to happen with safari but not chrome.

it’s the “clients page” if anyone can’t find it… fifth page down.

nothing obvious that I can see with a quick look.

see video.


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Hello @scottbarbey and @Revolution

This issue is really appear only in Safari, but reason of this issue is most common.

When you using transitions it is better to specify what settings will be changed, other way, not all browsers accept it correctly and here comes such problems like with text in Safari browser.

You can chose as many parameters as you change.


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Hi @sabanna -

yeah, this is one persistent bug.
I’ve given up on trying work-arounds.

Tried a whole bunch of things on my “client” page.
nothing eliminated the bug.

I even eliminated all state changes and just tried accomplishing same effect with an “interaction”.
creates the same damned effect on lower copy blocks. (see my “about” page and roll over the three photo icons below the main paragraph).

Is the feeling that this is a Webfow bug, or a Safarui bug?

Grrrrrr. ( :smile: )

and as always - thanks…


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