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Weglot ui kit button issue

Hey there webflowers,

I just integrated a translation button on my website from the Weglot UI Kit by Finsweet:

2 issues:

#1 My site upon loading is going auto-directing to French version.

#2 When the FR button is clicked, the EN button switches to FR as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Read only link below. Here’s the published site:

Hey, Augustin here from Weglot :slight_smile:

Christophe from the team and I had a look at your issues.

#1 auto redirecting, is it still the case? on my side I can not reproduce
#2 the EN button switches to FR as well. It’s fixed, it’s because the “EN” was translated, so you can either (i) edit the translations or (ii) exclude the CSS selector from being translated. We did the (i) for you

Finally, I can see a miss setup in the JS snippet you added, you added it twice. You would need to copy paste the API key of the first JS snippet inside the second JS snippet, then remove the first snippet. See attached. Feel free to reach us on if needed.

Hey @augustin-weglot - thanks for the help! Seems to all be working now. Much appreciated.