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Translations using Weglot messing up my spacing and sizing

Dear Webflowers,

I’ve recently discovered weglot and am using it for French translations on my Webflow site, however, when I change the language to French, a lot of the styling and spacing gets out of line.

here’s a link to my website to show you what I mean :

I’m wondering if anybody has experienced this and what some solutions may be, as it’s not possible to change styles within Webflow in the other language.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Do you mean the instance on the “Average 50% reduction in drug use” card? Can’t see anything beside that.

Hey @Duncan_Anderson,

Eugene from Weglot here. Happy to help you with this!

Weglot replaces the original content with translations and sometimes the translations are longer or shorter than the original text. This can have a small impact on your page layout depending on how your page was designed (how are the elements positioned, what CSS rules were used, etc …)

Our support team can have a look if you have a specific question: Please contact them at


Just sent an email! Thanks @eugene_weglot!