Weglot Languages Attribute Changes Incorrectly

Unfortunately I don’t know what to do next and maybe someone can help me.

On this page I use Weglot as a language changer from DE to EN.

From DE to EN, the switcher displays it correctly, but when I switch to EN, both names are suddenly EN.

A click on EN leads back to German, but that is confusing.

Can anyone help?

Hi @RolfKo, for this one you might need to reach out to the team over at Weglot since that is a custom script which is used for that service.

Here is a link to their installation page with a contact link: Webflow - Integration / Setup - Help Center

I am not an expert with Weglot unfortunately, but if you reach out to them and if they give some feedback that something need to be changed in Webflow, let me know and I am happy to take a look further.

Hi @cyberdave ,

thanks for the advice. I’ll be in touch …