Weglot- See submitted language in Webflow forms

Hi Guys,

i have a little question and hope someone can help me:

I am using Webflow with Weglot in 5 languages with subdomains for one of my clients.

He now wants to see in which language the Webflow form was filled out in order to respond accordingly.

With the automated mail from webflow-forms, is there a possibility to enter this via custom code or somehow differently?

thank you in advance

Kind regards

Hey Wolfgang,

Eugene from Weglot.

There might be a solution to do this with a hidden field in the form where Weglot would automatically fill in the active language of the visitor. Could you contact our support team so they can look into it? -> support@weglot.com

Please give them as much information as possible so they can best help you: Page where the form is, etc …


Hi @Wolfi_del_Toro did you have the solution for this ? (same issue here…)