User Administration for a subsciption based site

I am looking to create a site that will allow users to sign up at different levels. I.e. Basic (free) or Professional (paid). But i also want to have multiple types of users. Like Performer - Agent - and Venue. Each of these will have access to different views and forms. I am a newer developer and have taken Javascript classes and know HTML and CSS but this is my first time looking at webflow.
Is this type of site possible with this platform? If so what would you suggest i use for the user admin needs?
Thanks in advance for the help.

If the situation is ONLY about access, then yes Memberships can do that.
You’d probably intersect your levels and types as 6 access groups;

  • Basic Performer
  • Professional Perfomer
  • Basic Agent
  • Professional Agent
  • Basic Venue
  • Professional Venue

Something like that.

Access groups can then be tied to membership plans, so you can charge whatever you want for each. They also define which pages a user can access.

However, if you’re trying to go further than access, and allow the users to create records, edit records, and so on, then you’d be doing a LOT of automation work to try to build those pipelines reliably.

A better approach would be to use Webflow + Wized, which is much more application-oriented.

Thank you! That is exactly what i was hoping for. I want to build in some robust options for all three types of accounts so there would be other lists (like favories) or contacts that i’d like to add. It sounds like i need to looked at Wized.
Do you think Xano or Airtable would be better fit for database functionality?

Explore both, but in general yes for user-specific data like favorites or contacts you’d want to keep that out of the CMS. The CMS has too many limitations regarding record count, access methodology, and security to make it suitable as a user-data store.

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Your ask sounds very specific to memberships, subscriptions, and various access levels for those users. Nothing beyond that.

Webflow Memberships

Webflow Memberships exists, but it functions at the very basic level. If that meets your needs, it’s the simplest to use. But they’ve temporarily paused new feature development with this product so you’re limited by what it offers today.

Wized, Xano, Airtable

Wized is complex and invite only. It’s not a drop-in solution for a newer developer and goes far, far beyond what you’ve just asked for. Not sure why’d you’d need Xano or even Airtable. Unless I missed it, you haven’t mentioned anything that would need those solutions.


Memberstack is another option that’s simple, very much a drop-in solution, but gives you the flexibility to expand where needed. It has everything you’ve asked for. Lot’s of great tutorials for it and a big community that can help you with it.

A proven stack that gets you a long way is:

Webflow + Memberstack + Make (Integromat)

The latter, Make, helping you glue together various services when needed.

When you start hitting limits of that stack, instead of turning to custom code (or a super complex platform), most people add either, Attributes by Finsweet, or both to that stack.

You can build a ton of sophisticated solutions with that stack, and not have to rely heavily on custom coding (sprinkles of custom code always help, but they are needed sparingly) or other platforms.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you! This is very helpful. I’ll def check out Make and Jetboost.

Yes my site will be based on the type of member a user chooses to become. then they will be able to collect favorites from lists and the main user base (the talent) will be able to create list of performances and interact with other talent and agents. So there will be some table creating necessary that will be connected to each user. i.e. user 1 - perf dates - list of media - etc…

It sounds like memberstack can handle most of what i’m looking for. Thank you for the info.

Here is a simple course site I created with Memberstack:

Click enroll now and use a fake email.

It stores the “lesson completion” feature in Memberstack on a per user basis.

I have a screencast walking through the build:

This is for Memberstack v1, but reading through their docs you can easily adapt to Memberstack v2.

Good luck!