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Community web app in webflow?


I am new to webflow. I have some requirements to build a community like webapp like producthunt. Is it even possible to build something like that using webflow? I tried looking for examples of site built like that but i am unable to find some inspirations.

Can someone shed some light ?


Hi @Hardy

You can do all the front-end on Webflow and use an API such as which allow you to plug in a back-end. No code needed, just a sort of advanced plumbing.

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Hey man! Have you been working with cloud canal lately? I’m trying to build with it right now. Any shared projects / knowledge greatly appreciated

Hi @codyarsenault

No, I haven’t, currently integrating memberstack, no projects for cloudcanal yet unfortunately.

Hi, I am Anil cofounder of Pensil, we have built a community platform. Currently, we are offering a monthly trial, which you check by visiting

On Pensil you can build your own white label community, with live chat, post-based discussion, private or public groups access, monetize your content as you like, video conferencing and live recording.

You can embed our app in your website with our webflow integration.

Infact with our open SDKs you can develop your own community and let us take care of the heavy lifting backend work.

Looking forward to hearing back for feedback
Thank you