Website with live data

Hi, so I just wonder is it possible to have a website in Webflow that display a live data update from other web sources. Thank you!

Any example of the sources?

You can pull data via API (not recommended for all cases though) or you can embed widgets if provided, via iframe.

Hi thanks for the reply, I’m thinking about taking a live data for example from corona virus’ site like

P.S : I barely know anything about web development though, just wondering whether is it possible or not?

This is possible with Webflow. A few ways I can think of:

  • Custom script to load the data via an API and render it onto the page
  • Find a source that has an embed widget you can put on your site
  • Iframe a site onto your page
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In fact, you can use Integromat
Their COVID-19 integration will allow you to pull data into Webflow - they don’t even charge for this - which is pretty amazing.


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Hi, can you help, if the following scenario is possible?
I have data, which I will fetch using script into webflow (The API is used for rendering data into react app - Rest API).
Question - How can I render that data into collections of webflow so that it keeps two-way connection (i.e If the items in the database change it will refetch the latest data into a collection using GET API call)

  • Sorry for the broken English.
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Do you mean keeping the Webflow CMS up to date with data from the endpoint? If so you would need to use the Webflow CMS API to do this. My advice would be don’t, the Webflow CMS API is not fit for production use.

If you mean maintaining a connection between the page that a user loads and the endpoint then you could look at using websockets, but your endpoint would have to support this.

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