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Website translation into different languages

Dear developers. Again with my question, please search. How can I make it so that I do not have to create a new site, but I can click on one button and the entire site, all the text on it is translated into another language? I will make the site in Russian and English. Is there such a function in webflow or is it an additional wordpress plugin?

Hi @George_Ershov,

As far as I know, there is no such native translation solution within Webflow.
You might want to have a look at we weglot to translate your site in the most efficient way (SEO, subdomains, etc…)

Hope that helps


Thank you very much!

@anthonysalamin, thank you so much for recommending Weglot!

@George_Ershov, let me know if you have any questions about Weglot. Weglot does exactly what you asked. Once you connect it to your website, it will detect all your content and translate it. We offer a first layer of automatic translations that you can then review / improve yourself or order professional translations :slight_smile:

If needed, here is a video tutorial on how to integrate Weglot on a Webflow website:


We use weglot on several client websites and I can highly recommend it. Great team and support!

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Does anyone know how ConveyThis performes compared to other services like Weglot?

Their prices are so much lower in proporcion to the amount of words and languages they offer compared to Weglot, but don’t know what the quality of the service actually is like on any of them.

Any advice would be grately appreciated!

I am using Chrome’s built-in feature to translate sites to English. I certainly trust this translation, but not 100 percent. If I need to translate something important, then I certainly prefer the help of specialists Here professional translators can make an accurate translation from any language in the world. Their help is especially needed when translating documents. And in order to read the information on some site, then of course the translator built into the browser is enough.

I also used the translator built into chrome, but this scheme does not work exactly, especially if there are special terms in the text. And I took advantage of the recommendation of my foreign partners and tried the localization of web sites using I trusted the professionals and now I do not worry that some inaccuracies appear on my site when translating into other languages.

Interesting discussion and suggestions.