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French/English site

Wondering, without knowing code, if it’s possible to set up a 2-language site and how that might work? Would it be two different sites that toggle back and forth, or is it better to allow browser translation tools?

Hey, you might want to check out Weglot. I’ve seen that recommended a few times now for creating multilingual sites - (I can’t personally vouch for it).

Or you can add one of those Google Translate widget’s to the nav/footer, although they’re a bit of an eyesore if you ask me.

I know it’s been mentioned that multilingual is pretty high on the Webflow roadmap too. So maybe you can wait it out if it’s not urgent.

Hi @jsouth !

Localize is a great solution for this and integrates seamlessly with Webflow. It’s really simple and straightforward, you just need to copy and paste a few lines of code into your settings and that’s as much ‘code’ that is required to get you up and running. Let me know if you have any questions, our customer success team is always happy to help!

Hey @jsouth,

Eugene from Weglot here.

This is exactly what Weglot is made for :slight_smile:. Simply connect Weglot to your current Webflow website and that’s it! No need to duplicate your pages and do the work twice. + Weglot is 100% SEO optimized (we create a specific subdomain for each translated language that is automatically detected and indexed by Google).

You can check how to install Weglot on a Webflow website here:

And our support team is always here if you need help ->