Multi-Language Webflow site

Hi guys!

I am so excited to start developing/design new sites on Webflow, but I have a concern.

Has anyone know what is the best way to have a Multi-Language webflow site? what you guys use for it?

and also, it’s SEO friendly?

Hopefully you can help me,


SEO friendly; very much.
Multilang; not yet :frowning: It is probably the most requested feature and they have it in their backlog to develop.

As for now you can create multiple versions of each page, linked to a language bar, but it’s a hassle and double the hassle if you want it to come from the cms

Thanks Ozone for your reply. This would be a mandatory thing. Many clients request at least two languages in their pages. Hopefully it is developed soon.

I know. I (also?) live in Europe where virtually nobody does single language. Even my local bakery has a Dutch + English wordpress site

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Hello @JFelix_Gonzalo and @Ozone,

There are some tools that can allow you to make your website multilingual, weglot is on one of them There are many more if you look but this one is designed for webflow. I hope this helps.

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thanks @Pablo_Cortes , that is one of the solution I checked, the thing it’s so expensive comparing other plugin or services for other platforms. Webflow should realise their own tool for it. I’m hoping they realiase soon

Well if it’s a small site with few pages you can just duplicate them and translate.

But for larger sites with a lot of content I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Webflow quite simply don’t support it. Their wishlist site has had it as one of the top requests for three years (!!!) now, but they did give us an update in November saying they were working on it.

Yes, I saw, hopefully they can realise the multi-language feature soon!

Maybe related to your question: What are the limitations of Webflow right now?

Hey @JFelix_Gonzalo,

Did you take a look at this post from the forum [TUTORIAL] Full Multi Language Site - Easy to set-up and to use!?

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We’ve done our website in English AND German with Webflow.

A few static pages with English content at “/”, separate German content at “/de/” by copying and then translating.
Most content is managed via CMS where tables have a field for “Language”. This way it is easy to filter for the correct language at a given page. Of course, CMS content (records) is also copied and then translated.
Many translations may need individual adjustments anyway, e.g. images can also have content that needs to be localized somehow. So “copy then translate” may need to be done anyway.

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@NorbertWeiss this could be a solution, but the thing is that it’s not SEO friendly at all. Do you use hrefland on your sites? google would understand that as a duplicate content

Hi @JFelix_Gonzalo !

Have you checked out Localize as an option for your client’s multilingual sites? We integrate seamlessly with Webflow and are 100% SEO friendly. You can set different ‘projects’ and permissions for each client to keep their content separate, and give them the flexibility to choose between using their own in-house translators, machine translations, or order professional translations from within our dashboard. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi there!

Webflow hasn’t supported multi-language site yet. I would suggest you to use a query parameter adding to the URL, for example, for English, and for Germany. Put translated content on each page for different languages.

To navigate on your website among different languages, you could use GeoIP tools, for example, Geo Redirect. It can auto detect your visitors’ location and redirect them to the correct URLs. Easy to set and integrate. No code is necessary. Webflow platform is perfectly supported.
Regarding SEO, it works perfectly as long as you use Hreflang tags on Multi-language website. For more details on setting up SEO friendly, you can look at this article:

Hope it helps!

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Hi Michael, thank you for your response! I will check what you suggest me, thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

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Hi @JFelix_Gonzalo,

finally what kind of solution have you implemented? I am in the same case and I am a Webflow beginner.


Hi Alicia,
I eventually used Weglot. Pretty easy to implement. Despite that, I hope Webflow realise a in-house solution and we don’t need to use third parties apps.

Hope it helps!