Website Structure Advice

Hi, I need some help setting up the structure of a customers website. The website will look something along the lines of

–Service 1
----Topic 1
----Topic 2
–Service 2
----Topic 3
----Topic 4
–Service 3
----Topic 5
----Topic 6

I need to make it so that the customer can create new service pages but also create topic pages behind them if that makes sense?

Can someone recommend the best approach to do this please?

Any advise would be really appreciated.


From a content & organization standpoint the CMS does this well. You have a Services collection, and a Topic collection. You use refs** to connect them, and then you build out your pages.

However Webflow does not have a means to allow you to nest the URLs in a semantic way, e.g. /service1/topic2. To do that, you’d need to build a custom reverse proxy and a good strategy on how to inform it of your site structure.

I have a few system design approaches I use to do this, and some are automatic, so that the client can just publish and it works with whatever path structure you want. But they can be complex to design and build, and the approach you choose depends on the frequency of updates and the number of pages you have in your semantic hierarchy.

** Note also that the type of refs you choose, e.g. topic-multifefs-services, or service-singlerefs-topic matters a lot to the types of UI you can build, so prototype what you’re trying to build first before you commit to a ref approach and invest time in populating those fields.