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Big Blog: Structure Advice Needed

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to webflow, I have just started to get familiar with it, and I’d like some advice.

I am setting up a blog, that is likely to grow very large (as in hundreds of posts), and it’s supposed to be structured a bit like a tree (topics, with sub-topics, which also have sub-topics. maybe up to 5 levels). Or maybe think of it as a book, with chapters and subchapters… I need some inspiration on how to structure it. I’m thinking just to do it with a collection for blog posts (so dynamic content), and categories. To do the navigation: Each post would have two categories so that I can filter out sibling, and child-posts. One that it itself belong to, and one that its children belong to. So like that, the hierarchy will be a bit of a hack.

Do you see major problems with this, and/or do you have a better idea?

Bonus question: If I were to do it like that, is there a way to edit the “dynamic content pages” in the designer, rather than in the rich content field in the CMS?