Topic Cluster Structure

What is the best way to create topic clusters in Webflow? Should they all be using the same CMS or do they each need to have their own?

If anyone has webflow specific resources that can help me determine what’s the best way to do this I’d love to check them out. Most of the content I’ve seen around this seems to be very generalized.

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Hi Noah,

If you’re referring to clusters as path segments, e.g. /us/ca/sacramento Webflow has no support for segmenting paths. You could duplicate the collection structure and place them in static folders, but that obviously has administrative downsides and design limitations.

Another approach is to keep it simple, e.g. /city/sacramento and then develop your topic groupings as a breadcrumbs component, which is built with a combination of collection lists and javascript.

In theory you can accomplish these types of specialized hierarchical paths using a reverse proxy but in practice keeping it in sync is a challenge. One approach I’ve used in the past is to store the canonical URLs in the CMS itself, and then write them out to a hidden page that the reverse proxy layer can re-index once in awhile to pick-up path adjustments. That gives it a clear map of /whatever/collection-slug/item-slug for every page, and unknown requests are just passed through. A bunch of work to build though.

Is there a simpler way to achieve this same result? It seems like this would require a lot of maintenance

On a Webflow hosted site? No.
But it depends entirely on what you’re trying to build.

Very interesting challenge, I feel every SEO is going through the same questions.
Have you seen this post, it covers a lot already and might inspire you.

On my side, I’m looking at a solution for a client creating static pages on Webflow and leveraging wized to connect them to my CMS database. I will document the process as soon we’re finished.

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