Website snippet is screwed up

Hi there - I happened to google my website (recently launched) and I realised that none of the meta descriptions that I filled in appear on the search result. In fact, this is the only thing that comes up: 301 Moved Permanently. openresty

How do I change this? If I google any other website, you get description as well as the different pages on the site, none of which appears for me.

Hi @SkyMoon2 and welcome to the community.

Is your google search console linked to your website ?
If yes, go to the sitemap tab and add your website URL followed by sitemap.xml.

For your second questions, sitelinks are only generated if google feels it’s useful to the final user experience.

Yes, linked to Google Search Console. I added the sitemap.xml earlier today but there hasn’t been any change.

Is the above the solution to the 301 error message?

Crawling can take a few days. It will update your search result at some point.

For the 301, do you mean that you have “301 Moved Permanently” as a meta description ?

Yes! “301 Moved Permanently. openresty” is the description that appears under the website.

As long as you updated the meta descriptions settings it should go away when the search console finishes crawling your website.

hmm ok. I verified the website with search console about 6 days ago. Only the sitemap bit was added today.

You can also try reindexing in the coverage tab, sometimes it helps get the page updated quicker.

This problem has still not gone away. I understand from Google Search Console that the crawler was updated after I added the sitemap, but nothing changes on the page description when I google my site (the 301 msg is still shown).

Please help!

is it something to do with root domain and default domain?

When I search for my site in google, what comes up is but my default domain is (and the property in Google Search Console is