Meta description not working on google


I’ve setup the meta description but then google index is not finding it somehow

Hey Jack,

I’m not seeing anything that would obviously block Google, but the lack of any description in the SERPs, and no cache as well, is something I most commonly see due to a robots.txt exclusion.

Even missing meta descriptions would be simply generated by Google from your page content.

My guess is that you had a previous site with robots.txt blocking access, and Google simply hasn’t refreshed its index yet. It can take some time.

GSC has all the tools you need to re-submit your sitemap.xml, diagnose robots.txt issues and to notify Google your pages have been updated. Pretty much all you can do there.

You might find some other advice in SEO forums on how to trigger a re-index.

I see, and yes I’ve checked our robots.txt and it seems fine, just not sure why they do that