Suffering from incredible lag on mobile version of site. Any help?

Hey guys, new to webflow but I recently used a template to host a web design portfolio.
I used the template called edwin and while it looks great on desktop, it loads incredibly slow on mobile. Almost to the point where it is unusable. All the CMS on the site loads incredibly slow and even stutters so much it causes the page to auto reload on my iphone!

Here is the live site:
Read only site: Webflow - ecomjai

At first I thought it was due to the unused animations/unused css and even after clearing all it still loads incredibly slow. I even went through and deleted every animation I could find yet load times did not improve. Works great on desktop but majority traffic these days comes from mobile and its killing me that it wont load fast. Any help is appreciated!

I have loaded the website on 3 phones now. Pixel 6xl, pixel 4a 5g, and iphone 8. Incognito and regular and on chrome, brave, and safari and for some reason it’s not lagging at all for me? Have you removed some animations?

Maybe consider putting a preloader on the website? And set the preloader to a delay of however long you thing those animations will render, etc?

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: