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I have recently finished a small site for a client, and was is happy with it, except she keeps on sending me messages that someone cannot access the site and is now insecure about the functionality of the webflow site. Is there any way of validating the site?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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i’m assuming you have a custom domain set up. if so, all you need to do is turn on ssl in webflow settings for the project.

Thanks. SSL is switched on.

got it. i actually misread your initial post. i thought you meant someone was getting a message that the site was not secure…i.e why i mentioned ssl.

you probably should provide more information in order for someone to help you here. how is the user trying to access the site? is it a browser issue? is there an error message that user is getting? is it just a blank screen they are getting? is it an internet connection issue?

so basically, you need to first understand completely the circumstances of that user and then troubleshoot from there.

if you want to post up the live url, i will visit it and see if i run into any issues accessing it.

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Hi Dapitts08, thank you. Unfortunately my client did not provide details other than she has at least three customers who could not view the website. The Live URL is I wasn wondering if there is a sure fire way to test sites and provide clients with a report. Mike

my suggestion is to google “cross browser testing tools”. choose one and run a test on your url.

i would also go back to your client and ask for more detail for the issue or direct access to speak with the people who are having trouble loading the site. right now, you are trying to troubleshoot something with literally no info to pinpoint what the issue is.

btw…the live url loaded fine for me.

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Like @millhouse said - Enbale SSL

important - Read this note:

Each time you disable or enable SSL on a Webflow-hosted site, you’ll need to update your DNS settings. After you update the SSL setting, follow the steps below to update the DNS and ensure that your site works correctly.


Test her if you want (Your SSL works - Should fix this issue)