Website is loading super slow on mobile

Alright - been looking around on this, but the JS that is coming from Webflow seems to be seriously slowing down our speed performance on mobile. We initially purchased a Template called SaaSly and I’m wondering if this is potentially an issue found there? Any other recommendations I can take to get our page performance up?

Here’s the link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Link to the live site?

It looks like you’re not using any of the interactions on the site, so this could be contributing to quite a bit of heft in your JS file:

You can get to this screen by heading over to the Interactions tab in the right-hand panel and clicking the small “Clean Up” link:

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Site is very fast on my smart phone. If you’re logged in to Webflow while visiting the site it will load in additional stuff for the editor etc.

Super helpful - I was running one of our page on Google Speed Insights that was scoring in the teens and then bumped up to the high 50’s after this change.


Hmmm - good to know that it’s showing up well. Various speed tests are scoring it low, but I’m going to keep digging.

also try clearing unused CSS


@Stephen_Van_Gorp - I did a quick test blocking most of the hubspot code and the mobile score went from the 40’s to 70’s via Lighthouse 8. Something to consider.


Thanks for this - yeah I think we need to address the various scripts that we’re running for tracking on site because I think that it’s driving us down.