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Website incompatibility on Internet Explorer


My website is getting skewed when it comes to Internet Explorer? but in other browser it is just fine.

What’s your target market demographic? Do you have a large amount of users still visiting on the browser?

Internet Explorer is all but dead (with Microsoft completely ending support for all of their 365 software in August of this year) so for all intents and purposes it is past the realistic timeframe for support in nearly every situation. This isn’t just a goal to move people to Edge, IE is no longer receiving security updates and contains serious vulnerabilities.

As developers we hold most of the power to shift our users to more modern, secure browsers—whether that’s gently with a notice that the site works best in a modern browser, or forcefully with a message that prevents the user from even seeing the site itself. Either way, I’d urge you to put very little time into actually supporting it and instead focus that energy on educating your users and encouraging them to upgrade :+1: