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Explorer bug - weird view


My client wrote to us and sent a screenshot of a bug in Internet Explorer. Has anywhere an idea how to find a solution for it? In Chrome, Firefox eg. everything seems to work fine.

@Eyed - CSS grid is not well supported by Internet Explorer:

At this point in time IE usage is down to about 1% of global web traffic, so you have to make the decision if that is worth supporting. You’d probably have to change your layouts to flexbox or go back even further depending on what version(s) of IE you want to support.

Personally, I just ignore IE at this point and assume that users with outdated browsers are used to seeing a lot of broken layouts, but I understand that not everyone can do that.

Plus it seems these days Microsoft is force-feeding Edge chromium via Windows updates.
You should explain to your client that he is at risk using an obsolete browser. A lot of security flaws ( zero day exploits ) are not patched.