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Website I designed reported as Dangerous from McAfee or could be Phishing site?

I have an interesting/weird problem I’m hoping one of you has run in to. One of my clients says some people are reporting that their McAfee puts up a warning stating it’s a dangerous site… This could stem from the wordpress platform they were using before… but I’m scratching my head on this because it seems no different than any other site I’ve set up with Webflow… Also some people’s web filters are reporting the site as a phishing site…

Has anyone ever had a similar problem? The site I designed that is supposedly in question is:

I’m really hoping someone has come across a similar issue.


Nice design! I like it.

You didn’t ask for feedback, but I’d suggest you get your favicon/webclip setup ASAP, and you’ve got a rogue text block at the bottom of your contact-us page.

I can’t see a reason why someone would be getting a phishing warning. Is it happening on all pages, or only on specific ones?

You also want to make sure you go in and setup your 301 redirects. A bunch of the results on Google right now are throwing a 404.

Thanks @Cricitem for your eagle eyes the rouge div block on the contact page. I actually saw that this morning and then forgot which page it was on so thanks for that. I got more 301 redirects taken care of so that should be much better. Along with the favicon fixed.

I’m going to see if we can test by elimination and see if we can get the bottom of it… or I may need to reach out to webflow directly… Thanks again for your help!

Previous versions*/

Wordpress version

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McAffe has this domain listed in its trusted source database with issues. That’s why it is being reported by McAfee SiteAdvisor. If the domain is new, the previous owner could have served malicious content on it, or been hacked, and it got flagged, or you had a compromised site serving the same.

You can only “fix” this by going to and creating an account. Then login and submit your site for review. If it comes back clean on a new scan, they will remove the flag. Takes about 5 days on average.

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BLESS YOU for this information @webdev This would confirm why it’s searchable if I export the code and put it on a different temporary domain. We will look into this and see if we can get it all cleared.