Website Malware / Malicious


I keep getting my website is a security threat and is detected as malware. This has come from different resources.
I got this from twitter, AT&T and Optimum Security.

Google search console and other online checkers detect no malware.

Here is the website →

Here are some screenshots of errors:

Any and all help will be appreciated. Thankyou!

hi @namitjindal07 website is opening on my side without any issue… Check it again as error is because http that is not secure but now it seems to be served over https.

CleanShot 2024-04-16 at 16.51.13

Hey @Stan ,

Some browsers/isp’s are opening it while others are calling it malicious. Not sure what to do. It opens via my phone’s internet but other internets are having problems

This is what https:// gives me and http: gives me an error.

hi @namitjindal07 as you can see from image I had no issue to open your site so it is IMO no WF issue just doublecheck your WF DNS settings etc. Maybe @memetican or @webdev will have some ideas what can be wrong.

Here are ERRORS that are on your site

I double checked all settings.
I will work on these error. Thank you.

I appreciate the help.

Will also wait for @memetican and @webdev.

Not much to add to Stan’s notes here-

Make sure you’re using the correct URL

Many systems will flag http:// as insecure. You want the www as well to minimize redirects, but your site is otherwise responding fine.

This looks like it could be an unrelated issue. Are you using a VPN or proxy? If your network is changing the SSL certificate, you may have issues, some school and corporate networks do this to monitor traffic. Modern antivirus software often uses VPNs to snoop on traffic as well and look for malware.

No VPN. No Proxy.
I have tried both http:// and https://
Https:// doesn’t work, and http:// throws that error.

This is what Virustotal shows me:


There’s always a chance you’re using a dodgy JS library that needs to be removed. But typically these issues are due to scans that occurred on the domain before the Webflow site was hosted;

  • Previous site owners
  • Placeholder parking pages on unused domains
  • Domain for sale pages

When my clients purchase a domain that was previously owned or parked, I sometimes have to go through a cleanup process of checking blacklists and filing a removal request, one at a time.

Yes it’s time intensive. Welcome to the Internet.