Google alerting for malware on Webflow hosted website

Hello guys!

My client is creating an ads on Youtube and this ads must redirect to a specific page on his website (hosted on Webflow).

However, when my client tries to save the ads, it shows an alert saying that the link has a malware, so he can’t proceed with the ads creation.

Here is the link for the page he’s trying to redirect:

You’ll notice that it’s a simple Webflow page.

What can be causing this malware problem? Glad if anyone can help!

This has happened repeatedly to other users, and myself included. Just search the forums. Try reaching support about it. Personally I think it’s a Google issue due to the number of sites hosted behind the same IP’s. Whatever it was/is, excluded using Webflow, in this use case, for me and my clients. Hope you can find a solution without the need to rebuild elsewhere like I did.