Website cached on Webflow?

Dear Webflow Community,

I’m styling some popups for my client, but it seems that the server has cached it. When I go to the page, the popup is already displayed, even though it is display none. And now it’s even displayed even though I deleted it!
Is there a way, I can delete the cache on webflow? It’s not my browser, since others see this cached version, too…

I also had this issue once, until webflow had a short 503 error. Then it was back online and the issue was gone…

I’d really appreciate your help! :pray:t2: Thank you in advance!

Best wishes

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Dschungel)
Here’s the published site: [LINK](

Hi Anke,

It’s not a caching issue. You can see the modal appear if you click your preview button in your site. The main issue is that your close button inside of your new models ( the revised ones you’re designing ) is triggering a display of the modal as the initial state.

Here’s where it is, how to fix it, and also the approach I used to find it.


Amazing, thank you! I even got a video recorded :face_holding_back_tears: Helped me so much and I learned something new, too!