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Popup Modal showing in Preview but not on published site

Hi everyone,

I built a popup modal inside a lightbox and set up an animation that triggers after clicking a button.

I Preview mode, everything looks fine, however when I publish the site only the lightbox pops up but not the popup inside it.

Hope someone can help with this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @christinahengefeld I can’t save changes but you have probably clash between your popup on page load that never show up and popup on click.
CleanShot 2021-05-19 at 23.10.54

Hi @Stan,

I removed that interaction (it was targeting a different element that I had deleted), still, on the published site, only the lightbox appears after clicking on the trigger (the uppermost button) and not the signup form that is child of the lightbox element.

It shows up correctly in Preview Mode.

Any ideas?

Hi @christinahengefeld I have now check again and your problem is with cookies. When you clean cookies all will just work fine. You have to take focus on JS you have on your page as clicking on no thanks will delete form from DOM.

Hi @Stan,

I cleared cookies and tried again, however, on my published page only the blurred overlay opens up when I click the button, not the signup form.

Sorry, can you elaborate on your second point, I don’t know what that means.

Thank you so much

hi @christinahengefeld here is what problems I see

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Dear @Stan,

you are amazing. Thanks so much for your help.

Indeed, I was using two different cookie scripts.

One for the cookie consent solution (it is the one provided by Finsweet) and one by Flowbase that I was initially using to only show a popup once a day.

I then removed that popup and used it to build the lightbox popup without removing the cookie script that was going along with it.

Your video has helped me out so much. I just removed the Flowbase Cookie Script and now everything seems to work fine.

Just one question left: If I wanted to use a cookie in order to only show a popup or another element once per user, how would I do it without interfering with the Cookie Consent Solution?

My guess is that I should have added the fs-cc element as specified by Finsweet

The full instructions can be found here:

Thanks so much once again :slight_smile:

Hi @christinahengefeld unfortunately I can’t help with this as I am not familiar with Finsweet plugins as I have never used them. You should ask directly developer, I thing they have Slack channel where you can place your request.

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You are my hero. I will ask on their Slack channel!

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