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How to delete head code and create pop-up window


I have unfortunataly added a code in my Webflow-Projekt. But I Dont now anymore, where I can Delete it.
Actually I tried to copy paste a code out of this forum regarding a popup-window, that should have been coming up, by pressing a button “login”)

But now I am stuck. I already deleted my code under my private settings “custom codes” but this code still appears in the publish-view.

Can someone tel me, how I can find this code and delet it??

Thank you very much for your feedback.

PS: I’am not a prefessional. Just doing a project for my Master Degree in Economicis.

Beste regards Andre :slight_smile:

Sorry I found the problem. You have to RE-publish the website, in order to save all changes.

Sorry I am a stupid guy.

Howeever If some one could help my to create a Login-Pop-Up, I would really be thanksful.

Warmest regrads

Hi @Andre, what do you mean by a Login Pop-up?

Hi thesergie

Thanks for your feedbackl.

I mean somthing like this…(Backgroud goes black, and a popup popping up)

Warmest regards

Here’s a way to do it:

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