Website Assets have Vanished | Interactions aren't Working

Did the server just crash? Is anyone else experiencing issues with their site? My Assets are in the asset drawer but have vanished from my site! Also, my IX2 interactions aren’t saving/functioning… pasting my sharelink shouldn’t be of much help here, just wondering if there was a recent push that may have cause an unexpected bug :frowning:

Also can’t publish… error reads "Error: Site Task Not Queued.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @David_Sheltren I’m happy to help look into this.

Can you please provide your read-only link?

No issues for me currently…

Hey Nelson! :point_left:San Diego native here…


Also, the Error seems to publish the site but I’m still getting the "Error: Site Task Not Queued.

UPDATE: Error seems to be gone but some images are still gone:

Check out the live site! Hahaha

:grimacing: i’m looking into this now.

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It started when I created a pretty simple page loader interaction about 2 hours ago. I published the page and took off for lunch. When I came back, and logged back in the designer, the page loader went from (Position:Fixed-(full)100%x100%, Display:Flex(vertical) to Display:Block and stripped out the class. After that, the IX2 animation broke from all target elements and wouldn’t preview the animations as I started to reattach the animations.

That’s when I went back to the Home page and saw some (not all) assets absent from my site. I was thinking…“Gosh, did the Webflow gods spite me for creating such a magnificent site?!?”

when previewing a back up, do you see your background images load?

im checking it now… one sec…

Yep, they’re there. I also noticed that I created a symbol that had some IX2 magic on it. Would that have caused a rift in the matrix?

Also noticed that I’m getting the error again :frowning:

may i make a copy of your site to test?

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Totally. I would be honored :slight_smile:

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i published my copy and it works:

can you confirm that your interactions are in here?

This thread is a masterclass in both good customer service and good humour from the customer - I salute you both :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks like the Live Site has the assets reapplied. I just logged out and logged back in to see in the designer that the images are gone again… I just published and didn’t get the error and the Live site still has the images. I suppose it’s just not showing in the designer?

hm :thinking: thats still no bueno.

Let me send you my copy. Please let me know if the images show up there.

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