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Weblow with Grammerly


Does anyone have experience of Webflow working with Grammerly? I am having trouble in editor and designer using it.



I have Grammarly and it doesn’t seem to induce issues.

However you should ne use in inside of the Designer. Designer is a quite important piece of software, not just a web page, and overcharging it with Gammarly isn’t really a thing to do.

It makes sense to haveit in the Editor, although Editor is a complex software too.

What are the symptoms, and are you activating any other extensions while in the Designer and Editor? You should try not to use any extensions when working on online software, they’re just slowing things down and complexifying something already ambitious.

Hi, It seems to jump around the page, back to the beginning of the paragraph (for example) and I have found that the webflow auto save doesn’t recognise the changes and I have to force them.

It’s very strange. I don’t have any other extensions enabled.

I will continue to investigate.


I removed and stoped use Grammarly, to buggy and slow for my taste.

I run Chrome and Chrome Canary. Grammarly is installed on Chrome, but not Canary and I do my webflow work in Canary. Of course, this is why I have typos in my forum posts sometimes!

why won’t your chrome highlight typos though?

In general I found grammarly to cause too many bugs everywhere a couple of years ago and never came back to it after uninstalling. I remember a post here where nobody could help fixing a user’s problem until he disabled grammarly addon so that’s something to consider.

Your right, Chrome highlights most misspellings. I actually meant to say grammatical typos.

Yes, which is why it runs on one browser and not the other. There are also privacy reasons to consider.