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Spell checking?

Is there a spell check function? If yes, where? I can’t seem to find it.

You probably need to use the spell checking that comes with the browser or OS you are using… I do not think Webflow have built in spell-checking…

With Mac, Select and then just right click on word, and select Spelling and Grammar… Windows probably have something similar, but sorry, I don’t do windows.



i don’t think there is one. If you really need to spell check things, I would just copy everything into a Google Doc or MS Word, run a spell check, then copy it back into your webflow project.

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I’ll give that idea a go. Though typos don’t seem to handled in the same that I’m use to on my mac, it could be because of Chrome. I’ve also have some very odd things happening copying and pasting text (the copied text no longer conformed to the formatting, even though it was pasted into a paragraph element). I’ll try a few things tomorrow, things might be a bit twitchy today.

Yeah and you know, if you really struggle with copying text and formatting issues, there are some utilities that help with copy and paste and being able to remove formatting from copied texts… I for example, use a program called Scrub It! for mac from the mac app store, and there are many of these kinds of utilities for windows, like Clipmate. Scrub It!, is a nice little hotkey program to strip formatting from whatever is in the clipboard… that way if I have problems, i can always use this tool to paste unformatted texts from formatted sources, like web pages etc…

Hope that helps… cheers

thanks for all your help!
I found this little online app (not a promotion!) and it got the job done.

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There seem to be several chrome extensions that can handle this on the Chrome Web Store.

@buchanan We used to have your OS’s native spell checking inside Webflow, but it became annoying for some users, so we disabled it for the time being.

I can see how it could. It would be a nice option for the user to be able to toggle that function on an off.

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@thesergie can we please have the option to re-enable browser spell checking? It is annoying when spelling errors get onto your website (like this happened to us and now it seems that the only way to easily prevent this is by adding chrome extensions.

Update: We will be reverting this change so your browsers/OS’s native spell checking will kick in inside Webflow. Thanks for the feedback!

well, spell checking works now as long as you have it turned on in chrome. but can no longer right click to get dictionary words/suggestions. You get select parent element/cut/copy/duplicate/delete dialogue box. Trade one thing for another…

We also stumbled upon this when testing. Thanks for pointing it out!

I don’t do windows either. :smile:

I have clients who noted that it no longer works in the CMS. Are you able to enable in the CMS? @thesergie @PixelGeek

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Thanks for pointing this out @KProServices! We’re looking into it!


Hi, I’m also every trouble with the spell checker. I installed the extension in chrome for it but
it seems that it doesn’t make any difference. Strange thing is, is that I get the red spell checking lines not in every section. For example if you look at the contact section or menu.