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Add spell check to 'Editor'

Unsure where to post to ‘wishlist’ but my client wanted to know if there was any way to add a spellcheck to the editor?

They’re filling out a ton of information in the editor and they ‘wish’ they could spellcheck their entries.

Any help to get it up there would be great!


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All modern browsers have spellcheck built in though?

Yea, it’s weird. When you’re using the editor in Webflow you can’t spellcheck…?

Unsure if someone else would like to ‘verify’ this, but you have to search the word if you’d like to spellcheck…

Even if you highlight and right click, it still won’t populate correct spelling or anything…

My bad, you are actually correct! OK, leaving now, and let WF staff come with more meaningful answers!


go to and add
your request there. Hope this helps you out!

To complex to create auto spell checker for webflow (This is not the scope of the dev team & mega mega project).

Try this free tool (or premium if you want more features):

Also with chrome extensions (Score almost 5 stars base on 35K votes)

Works like magic.

More options:

****support english only

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