Webflow's built-in form response for external processors?

Hi everyone,

I’m using a Webflow form and tying its action to a 3rd party, which responds with a http 200 response for success, or 400/500 response for faliure.

It seems that webflow does not recognize those responses, and takes me to an empty window that says “Success”. Is there a way so that the response is accepted by webflow, and the built-in success message appears?

You will need a middleman service such as Zapier and Integromat to fetch the success message.

A way around is , you can embed the form from the 3rd party service into weblow.

Similarly as we emebed Airtable forms in webflow.

I do receive the success message (code 200) once the form is submitted, but webflow does not show the forms built in success message, instead I get redirected to an empty page with the word ‘success’ on it.