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External form with webflow error page

i have a problem with my external form.
i have got the form working and i am recieving email with tectites formmail.
however, when i submit it takes me to another page :
Thanks! We’ve received your information and, if it’s appropriate, we’ll be in contact with you soon.
Your form submission was processed by FormMail (9.10), a PHP script available from

how do i get this to do what my webflow form normally does?
any help would be great.

script type=“text/javascript” src=“
for the head
input type=hidden name=“fmmode” value=“auto”
for the form

tectite gave me this to put in to my page which does keep it on the page but i cant get the send and error messages still.
any ideas?

Is there a specific reason why you need to use a third-party tool to capture form data?

Webflow already gives you that already built-in to the system.

well its seems stupid to send forms through webflow from another server. that also means as far as im aware that i would have to keep that website active on here aswell which is also silly if i sold a website. if i stop my subscription wouldn’t that leave them in a spot of bother without a contact page? also i may not want to keep that website on here anyway after if i sell it or even my own website…i don’t want that to go through here if it means i have to keep a subscription going when im not using the program. i dont see why we cant have exportable forms any way…

Hi @hip, you can have form data pointing to another form script, as you have done. This is one of the purposes of the Action and Method properties in the form, to allow you to do that. The success and failure messages that show in a normal form submission without redirecting, is Webflow specific code. So those success and failure messages will not work on an external site unless:

A. You are using Webflow to save the form submissions and keep your site active in the dashboard. This will allow you to use those success and failure messages.


B. You create your own ajax jquery code to execute after a form submission to the external mail script handler (in this case the formval-v12.js script) to trigger and show those those success or error states.

Since Webflow does not know the status of whether a form is submitted properly or not to your server, we cannot trigger those messages. This is why we also have the redirect after form submission, to at least allow you to show some message to your visitors :smile:

This should be able to be created for your external form, but it sounds like you will need some javascript programming help to get this done, to modify the formval-v12.js file to show those messages.

I hope this helps. Cheers, Dave

So there’s now easy way to use the Webflow form error and success messages without handling forms through Webflow?

I mean, couldn’t you guys just share a php file for basic formhandling and we could make the necessary changes in the webflow.js code on the exported site (and in php file as well). Mostly just the following lines, maybe a bit more…

  var FORM_API_HOST = '';
  var FORM_SUBMIT_HOST = '';
  var FORM_OLDIE_HOST = '';

I know this would be considered a “hack” and not really a “proper” or “commercial” way to do it, but I’m sure there are some clients beside me who would really benefit from this.

My main idea is to use Webflow validation and success messages and handle the form submission without leaving the website. So that the form submission is taken care of behind-the-scenes, yet the email would be sent from hosting server not from Webflow. If I would use Webflow for personal purposes, your form handling would be fine, but I use it to create websites for clients, so external form handling is kind of a must. I’m sure, I’m not the only one in this boat…

Hi @Ralf, at the moment, there is not an easy built in way to do this yet. :-/ If you have some extra time, please share your thoughts on this here: Capturing Form Success/Fail Event

You can achieve the same kinds of messages using custom code with your own form submission script, but it is not something we have instructions for yet.