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Forms processing

I am trying to implement my site’s form processing as described here (this is the same form processing that webflow uses internally, I wish to implement it on my own server).

It is working great! For the most part. I have all parts working as described, except the success message and fail message. In webflow, you can design a response that the form will respond to.

I am not sure how to make the form react to these, as the official method is not described. If anyone knows how I can set up this part, it would be much appreciated.

HI @jwes. I am a little confused to your inquiry. On the one hand you intimate that you are implementing the form processing as I have described in my post you reference. On the other hand you say “this is the same form processing webflow uses internally”. So that has me a little confused since we are talking about two different systems, my method as described in my post and the webflow method.
In my version the screenshot you show for form setting doesn’t apply. Except that “Lastly you have to tell the form where to find the processor file. Under the form setting choose the method of “post” and the action is”. In such a case you have to build the pages to send the person to for success or failure. Using the method I indicated the code to tell the form process where those pages are is in the code you put in the form eg:
Now in your webflow form block you simply insert an html imbed. In the embed you need these values:
input type=“hidden” name=“recipients” value="youremail&"
input type=“hidden” name=“good_url”
input type=“hidden” name=“bad_url”
input type=“hidden” name=“subject” value=“Inquiry from Website”

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@adtastic Sorry, that was a bit confusing, I mean I am using the webflow created form via POST “/formmail.php” using the tectite php script. The script works and I can recieve emails.

I have entered the

<input type="hidden" name="recipients" value="youremail&">

part and it works. When clicking send, it sends you to this page:

which is clearly the default page if you don’t specify a url for success. However, I don’t want to redirect you away from the page you are on. When you create a form in webflow, you can create a default, success, and failure div that displays without redirecting. This is what I want to display.

ok, technically you can only redirect them to the default success or failure page like you are doing now or a custom one. To my knowledge and understanding you cannot do what you are hoping to do like the default webflow form does. Only thing I can think of would be a workaround by creating a duplicate of the form page as your success page with the appropriate verbiage for a successful form completion. See: Short of that you might send a query to tectite directly and see what they say but I think as it is designed that is all you got.

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Ok, do you have any knowledge of how the javascript that controls this works, that maybe I could look into it?

Sorry, never really looked into it that deeply. My suggestion would be to contact the developer they would know better if it is something that can or cannot be done with respect to their script.