Webflow's Account Billing - MAJOR GLITCH


So, I removed my card details with new details and then found a major issue. If you are from the UK and during updating card details you will see a field for VAT.

Now, in the UK VAT is not required unless you earn £85,000 per year. So I’m not sure why they have overlooked this and assumed every business is VAT registered. You will find most small and medium agencies and freelancers do not earn that in a year.

The VAT field should be optional. Rather, if the field is for verification purposes to ensure genuine customers, they should add the field “Registration Number” also “Optional” that allows businesses who are LTD to add their company number if they have one.

Either way, can anyone prompt the Webflow admins please.


Reach out to support and add an item to the wishlist are the best options. They may read stuff here but it would be hard to know since rarely does anyone from Webflow provide feedback to feature requests here.