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Webflow x Elgato Stream Deck XL Profile / Icon Pack

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well out there…wanted to share this project with the community. Spent some of my “social distancing” time putting together a Stream Deck XL Profile & Icon Pack with the Webflow shortcut commands. You can really fly around your projects and designer interface with this.

I’m glad to put together a way to share the Profile and Icons if anyone has any interest.



This is a great idea. I’m actually thinking about ordering a Stream Deck just for this purpose… it would be a huge time saver! How does one go about creating the shortcuts and how long did it take you to setup?

Just give me a shout if you get one and I’ll email you the file. Just import it and it has all the icons and everything.

Okay, great, thanks! I’m actually heading out to pick up one now.

Hey Jason, any way to get your stream deck profile?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Jason, i’m with Kurt is there anyway I could get a hold of that profile?? That would be awesome and save me time as well. I’d be willing to pay also.

@KurtWest and @Ian_Harrison - sorry about that…changed my email address and wasn’t getting the notifications from Discord. Here’s a link to download the file.

[Webflow Streamdeck XL.streamDeckProfile - Google Drive](https://Webflow Streamdeck XL Profile)

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Thanks @Jason_Green - I never got around to replicating your work, so this comes just-in-time!!

Thank you so much Kurt this is a big timesaver!