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Free Copy/Paste elements + UI kits

Hi Everyone,

There have been some great copy and paste resources launched recently…

Here’s my first project - a subtle menu animation with full screen menu…clone away!

More coming soon…

If you are aware of other resources or want to showcase your own - feel free to reply with links. Here are two more you might want to check out which were launched recently by @Keejo and @Aaron :


Thanks for putting this up @StuM ! - its great to see these sites popping up now! The Digital Bake is amazing! Thanks @Aaron for the hard work and your services to the community! Best regards! Kai :smile:

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here’s a new one! AMAZING!! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic find @Keejo and amazing work @janlosert - thank you!

:smile: yeah, not sure he’s on the forum… thanks @StuM - best wishes from sunny Bristol! :sunny:

Send some up to the midlands please :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain:

oh no! sorry Mr. M… doing it now… I had a word… should be on its way… :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


Here I am guys! @StuM @Keejo Nice to meet you and thank for the mention.

Hi @janlosert - nice to meet you too! my pleasure… congrats on your site…! :smile:

The site and interactions are incredible. The quotes are legendary. :rofl:


But this one wins.



Check out @Thomas_92 - Avocado UI Kit - another great addition:

Also, here is my latest contribution to the community - a fun little circular hide/show nav - which could be re-purposed for other uses…

Oh and @PixelGeek will be pleased - it’s thumb friendly on mobile :wink:

Feel free to add your links to the thread if you’ve made something recently or have seen a great copy/paste resource…

Tamer Okail (not sure of your forum tag) just added these great, sleek, link buttons:

The Webflow team can’t get enough of these amazing UI kits and components that you all are creating – keep them coming!!

And @StuM – thank you for sharing and consolidating all of these great ones in this thread! :+1:

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Maybe I should make this a regular Friday thing @kkilat !

I’ve not added anything this week, but did find these three great projects:

@rileyrichter - snook this one in with very little fanfare, but is a cool little link reveal interaction, thanks Ben :slightly_smiling_face:

Sebastian07 (can’t find forum tag) also ‘launched’ this ‘space’ themed project, well worth a look:

And finally, just for fun, EliShmirler took us back to the 80s+90s with this little beauty:

As ever - spot anything cool - or launched your own elements - feel free to share it on this thread :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the shoutout, @StuM! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile: Hoping to have some more cool cloneable objects soon!

Updated collection of Webflow UI kits for copy/paste: Google Search

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This is really awesome @StuM!!

And also a huge thanks to all who have built these UI kits for everyone! This thread is going to be great for people getting started with Webflow [or experienced designers that want to save a bit of time]. Great work everyone!!

Thanks @Andrew

It’s been a little while, but here’s copy and paste element 003 from me:

I call it ‘handy hover hints’ - displaying a little extra information for the user before they click a button.

Possible use cases:

  • Additional persuasion to purchase
  • File download size information
  • Are you sure you want to send this / delete this ?
  • Livechat waiting time…

Hope you find it useful, and as ever please feel free to add your own projects to this thread :slightly_smiling_face:


@StuM - We need to build a Webflow site that lists all the cloneable projects and categorizes them. Maybe allow people to upvote/rate? That would be cool!