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Webflow Workshop #127: Breaking down the new Webflow homepage

Join us live on Tuesday, August 28th at 10am (pacific)
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There is so much to learn from the incredible new In this workshop, we’ll break down the new homepage and show you how to create some of the interactions and animations that are used.


a little preview as to what we’ll be building tomorrow


go ahead and clone today’s project here:

Have fun and enjoy :smiley:

hi @PixelGeek how do i access the training? it asks for a password. thanks

Try webflow :slight_smile:

Thanks but I needed the instructional. I think I found it on YouTube.

Hi @PixelGeek, Thanks for showing the basics of how stickies work!

Now that I have the sticky object working on my site, I’d like to know how the screen scroll of the sticky object works. How can I make the screens of my sticky object scroll with the page as it does on the webflow home page?


this project may help you more:


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@PixelGeek Thanks for the quick reply, but I already have the sticky object working. I’m more interested in getting the screens superimposed over the sticky object to scroll with the screen. For example when scrolling down webflows home page you see the object stick but you also see the interface change based on scroll position. Is there a better example of this?

I’m working on showing an apple watch and having its face change based on the scroll position.