Webflow Workshop - Beyond basics: Advanced components customization

Ever wanted to get extra creative with sliders, nav bars, dynamic embeds, and other more advanced Webflow components? Join me as I walk through the best approaches for customizing these handy — and powerful — Webflow components.

Tuesday, September 13th at 10am (pacific)



bumping for obvious reasons :wink: tomorrow’s stream is going to be fun.


Can’t wait!! Wish we could just go ahead and do it now haha

Do we have to sign up for it? Visit a specific URL?

You can either go to the link in the original post or go to their YouTube channel and subscribe.

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I’ll be going over 4 things tomorrow:

  • Simple Preloader
  • Chaining events
  • Navbar component fixed on the left
  • Dynamic Gallery Lightbox + dynamic embeds

Awesome stuff! I can’t wait for this.

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thanks to @Anna_Kelian for the awesome gallery of tricks :slight_smile:


Dynamic Embed code for the dynamic lightbox gallery:

<div style="display:none;">
  <span class="full-photo">(photo dynamic field goes here)</span>
  <span class="photo-caption">(caption dynamic field goes here)</span>


	var fullPhoto = "",
  		fullCaption = ""; 

	$('.photo-thumb').on('click', function(){
  	fullPhoto = $(this).find('.full-photo').text()
    fullCaption = $(this).find('.photo-caption').text()
  $('.close-modal').on('click', function() {


Here is the link to the Windows 95 link I posted in the live chat during today’s workshop. This is a never ending project so I’ll be adding to it little by little.

Turn those speakers up @PixelGeek for that sweet splash screen sound!

Made 100% in Webflow, with a sprinkle of Jquery :wink:

LINK: http://windows-95.webflow.io/2

Constructive feedback is always welcome to help improve and evolve the project!!

Welcome @PixelGeek
I hope I can find more time to add new stuff soon