Webflow Workshop #96: Rebuilding the iPhone X landing page in Webflow

Join us on Tuesday, September 19th at 10am (pacific)
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In this workshop, we’ll be attempting to rebuild, from scratch, the new Apple iPhone X landing page. We’ll create interactions, basic element structure and background videos all without coding.


hmmm is this the introduction to interactions 2.0 with scroll interactions and parallax?


Oh man oh man! I really hope so!!

@PixelGeek, I am beyond ready for this.

:star_struck: :face_with_monocle: :crazy_face:

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So many parallax scroll interactions that it MUST be v2!!


@PixelGeek Thanks for the 2.0 preview! Quick question: Is there a live link for the Apple iPhone X page built in Webflow?

no live link yet since the IX2 panel won’t show up unless you have access to the beta. but thanks for watching! IX2 is coming very VERY soon :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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Hello @PixelGeek! I watched the video “Rebuilding the iPhone X landing page”. It was cool! Thank you very much! I have a few proposal:

  1. Could you then record the video, how to make the movement of the elements (hitting some elements on others when scrolling) relative to each other when scrolling, such as on this site: http://www.veintidosgrados.com/work/mugako

  2. How about to repeat a really cool and complex animation, as on these sites for example? http://www.nurturedigital.com/work/puma-all-star-group or https://klimov.agency/ or http://www.ortizleon.es/

I think it would be very interesting and valuable!

Hi @PixelGeek

Is the beta rolling out to non-staff soon? I’ve signed up a couple of times…


very soon. don’t forget to share your referral link to get bumped up in the invite list order.

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@PixelGeek Referral link? Have I missed that somewhere?

after you sign up for the beta, you can tweet out a link. copy that link and you should have a special code at the end of the URL that we track

Hmmm, just checked and i’ve twice signed up, twice confirmed subscription, but not had a reply with a tweetable link…

you should see something like this:

Hi @PixelGeek

I didn’t get one of those on my first two sign-ups - just PM’d you


I’m pretty sure I signed up THE DAY that the IX 2.0 landing page was launched… Those are the people who should get access first… the ones waiting for it the longest… #justsayin


For me also do not come there is no link for beta testing