Webflow users in Greece

Hey community!
Are there any Greece based webflow users around?

None??? Am I the only one? :confused:

Yepp, you only one :cry:

:frowning: bad first step to start a local community…

Hey Jim, fellow Greek here.

Hey Taso, glad to find at least one Greek Webflower! Where are you based? Athens?

Hello Jim, thessaloniki and London!
How are you?

I’m to the other side of Greece :stuck_out_tongue: Rethymno
What do you think about the thought of creating a Webflow Greek Community?

Would be a great idea! What a tool!

Yes it’s great! You can join the Webflow Greek Community slack channel I created so we can discuss this topic further.

Everyone else interested is ofc welcome to join us!



hello, i am Giannis from Athens - Greece. New to Webflow, my first touch was with nicepage and now i want more flexibility. I hope to find it soon… :slight_smile: